We can help you share Him online.

yHi is a powerful tool to help you share the gospel online in a way that is as natural as everything else you do.

We actively search the internet in order to provide you with the best, most ‘sharable’, good news content available. We then connect this content with an engaging and authentic presentation of the gospel and an opportunity for the viewer to become a follower of Jesus.

This means that whenever you share content from yHi with your friends or family, you don’t just share a great video or meaningful story, you also present them with an opportunity to be part of the greatest story on earth.

How does it work?


    Sign up for an account and search for videos or images to share on your wall, in your feed, in discussion threads or via email for your friends to check out.


    Everyone who watches the content will be presented with an opportunity to engage with the gospel in a short, authentic video with the option to become a follower of Jesus.


    We’ll start the conversation about what it means to be a follower of Jesus with our ‘Next Steps’ process and if it’s appropriate, we’ll connect them with your church or a local church group in their area.

    We’ll also encourage them to use yHi to share the really great news about Jesus with their friends.

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Bono: Who Is Jesus?

Bono: Who Is Jesus?

When asked, "Who was Jesus?," Bono from U2 answered, “That is the defining question of what Christianity is about... Either he is the Son of God… or he was nuts.” See what Bono thinks here...

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Easter - A Music Narrative

Easter - A Music Narrative

The story of Easter - the greatest love story ever told, that's hardly ever told - depicted in the music video, "Crave" by For King and Country.

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Chocolate Bunnies, Shiny Shoes & Bow Ties

Chocolate Bunnies, Shiny Shoes & Bow Ties

Is life just about being good? Is it just about following rules and making sure your "good" outweighs your "bad?" Maybe it's about being the best version of YOU... being who you were created to be?

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From Porn to Praise

From Porn to Praise

An ex porn producer who was very well known in the adult industry had an encounter with God that changed his life forever. After experiencing what he thought was a sure sign he was about to have a heart attack, he took himself to hospital and then to church where the direction of his life was about to dramatically change. This mans story is evidence that no one is beyond the reach of God's love.

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