10 Ways To Stay Sane As You Emerge From Iso Life

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Iso life has highlighted the great and not so great, helping us find enjoyable rhythms of rest and recreation. Collectively, we’ve done less, yet learnt more about ourselves, each other and have been reminded of what truly matters.

To help you navigate your post-pandemic world, here are 10 simple practices (inspired by Bridgetown Church) worth embracing to help guard your habits, guide your life and keep you spiritually grounded as you walk unguided into your new normal.

10 simple practices to help you enter your new normal well…

1. Start the day in quiet prayer and scripture

Start the day in quiet prayer and scripture reading before anything digital, like Instagram, or the news, or television. Simply start the day in quiet with God.

2. Create a gratitude ritual

Draw your attention to the things for which you are grateful. Perhaps you write them down each morning or share with your family or friends around the dinner table in the evening.

3. Keep relational touchpoints

Establish relational touchpoints with close friends, family members, or colleagues. This is a time to draw closer in relationships, through the benefit of technology, not grow more distant.

4. Have one “focal practice”

Find an activity in which you are able to give your complete focus without getting distracted or finding yourself concerned about the conditions of the outside world. This can be gardening, cooking, reading, art, pottery, chess, etc.

5. Exercise or go for a walk

If at all possible, while maintaining proper social distancing, exercise or go for a walk through your neighbourhood. The fresh air, nature and activity are good for your body, mind and soul.

6. Minimise news intake

The news cycle moves at a rapid pace, but our internal tempo is not meant to live at that speed. Limit your intake. Two times daily is a good guide. Consider setting an alarm for once in the morning and once in the evening.

7. Limit screen time and escapist behaviours

It will be very easy to indulge in escapist behaviours as we head into the unknown because they bring us comfort. Find ways to limit your intake of things like alcohol, social media, television, sugar, staying up late, etc.

8. Listen for Holy Spirit prompts

The Holy Spirit equips you with all the guidance and power you need to live out your faith. Ask him to speak to you and listen to his prompts. A life guided by him is a fruitful life on mission.

9. Live on mission

Make a commitment to live our your faith practically in partnership with the Holy Spirit. Commit to asking yourself who can I share Jesus with today?

10. Commit to Sabbath rest and online worship

Keep your routine to practice Sabbath rest, or to start one for the first time. And gather online with your church every weekend. Worship together, learn from the Scriptures, and create space for the Holy Spirit.

As you begin to work out your new normal, remember, you’ve got this and God’s got you! We believe in you.

Written by Reuben Skewes