A Second Chance at Relationship — Jen’s Story

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A change of perspective can change your life. It can happen when you suddenly see the bigger picture in a moment, understand another person’s point of view or experience a different culture for the first time. Your reality changes with the lens through which you view the world.

When you put your trust in Jesus, your world begins to be reframed by this truth. What once seemed like a hopeless situation has life breathed back into it. Old dreams and passions are reawakened. Broken and shattered relationships receive a second chance.

The reality of revival is transformation. As Jesus rewrites our inner narrative we come alive and begin to claim His promises over our lives.

We spoke to Jen*, a young woman in the Philippines who has experienced a miraculous and overflowing restoration in her own life through a heart revival.

Here is her story…

Growing up, Jen had a great relationship with her parents . However, when her family moved overseas she noticed her parents marriage started to fall apart. Sadly, it deteriorated to the point that Jen’s parents separated and she decided to liv with her dad.

Adding to the pain of the separation, Jen’s dad began to physically abuse her. He rejected her and asked Jen’s mother to take her in because he didn’t want to be around her anymore. Sadly, the abuse continued in her mother’s home.

Jen was broken and ashamed. Attempting to numb the pain and wrestling with the worthlessness of her life, she gave up on life and attempted to overdose without any intention of ever waking up — but God had other plans.

Soon after her attempted suicide, Jen was invited to attend a youth gathering at a local church. That invitation changed her life. At the event, she gave her life to Jesus and ever since, God has been using her to tell others about the transformation she has experienced.

A simple invitation brought revival in Jen’s life. Not only that, it brought restoration and hope in her family too.

Jen has been praying for her parents’ to come to faith in Jesus, and now her mother is a Christian. Her dad may not be open to faith, but she has learned to trust God that He cares for her family and is able to restore even those most distant from Him.

*Name changed for privacy

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