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10 Ways To Stay Sane As You Emerge From Iso Life

Iso life has highlighted the great and not so great, helping us find enjoyable rhythms of rest and recreation. Collectively, we’ve done less, yet...

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The New Normal — Hungry For Life’s Simple Joys

Life has changed and is changing still. While the effects of COVID19 are far-reaching and devastating, many of us have not faced severe health...

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3 Quick Steps to Turn Conversations Toward Jesus

Starting a faith conversation or turning a conversation towards Jesus may seem daunting, but don’t worry this article will help.

First, let’s assume you can...

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Love Changed Everything — Srikanth’s Story

Srikanth is not your average guy. His smile lights up any room he walks into and the second he starts talking, it’s another thing...

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The Antidote to Offence

You know the feeling; the shiver that runs down your spine and morphs into a jarring shockwave that is sent into every fibre of...

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A Second Chance at Relationship — Jen’s Story

A change of perspective can change your life. It can happen when you suddenly see the bigger picture in a moment, understand another person’s...

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25 year old Carpenter, Sam, chats with us about what it means to him to follow Jesus, to live fearless and how he is...

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Faith Sharing Tip: Take 20 Seconds of Insane Courage

How many times have you seen an opportunity to turn a conversation toward Jesus and then just let the moment pass, never to be...

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Young Software Developer, Willem, chats with us about what it means to him to follow Jesus, to live fearless and how he is a...

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