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Are you Skipping Over the Holy Spirit

Have you ever thought about how unusual the concept of the Holy Spirit is? It may actually be the most unique concept to ever...

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What’s Your Answer?

Ever had a bad day or week? Maybe you are having a bad year. It happens to all of us. The challenge is to...

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Keeping It Simple

Tish is a go-getter who has a heart for people being reconciled to Jesus. On an almost daily basis, she talks to people online...

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Kick Silence and Speak Up

There is a quote which has been a catch-phrase of Christianity for decades. It is:

“Go into the world and preach the gospel,...

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We, The Church, Belong in Dark Places

Are you ever filled with a sense of urgency and desire to see people choose Jesus? At some times we can be overly zealous...

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FAQ: Does Church Matter?

Does church matter? I am glad you asked. It is a valid question, and dependant on who you ask, the answers may vary, but...

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Become a Great Storyteller

There’s no question that humanity is magnetised by stories. Whether it’s movies, our social media feed or a binge-worthy TV show, you can’t deny...

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5 Basics to Be Strong

Want to be strong as a Christian? There is a link between personal devotion, character and living on mission. So what does personal devotion...

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Opportunities Are Everywhere — Henry’s Story

Henry lives life at 120%. He works hard to become an expert in whatever field or topic that he sets his mind to. From...

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