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Faith Sharing Tip: Allow Time for Interruptions

In a society that prioritises position over people, it can be easy to fill our schedules with the pursuit of calling or career and...

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4 Basics to a Life on Mission

Without doubt, we all want to be strong Christians, have strong families and communities, and walk out a ‘Life on Mission’ with strength and...

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Faith Sharing Tip: Commit to a ‘Life on Mission’

How can a ‘life on mission’ be defined? Simply, it is walking on a journey with Jesus and sharing that journey with others as...

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Faith Sharing Tip: Share Your Story

Sharing your personal testimony is one of the most natural ways to have the God conversation. It’s also one of the most effective ways,...

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A Simple “Hello” Could Change a Life

A simple hello can change someone’s life. For some, a ‘hello’ is the first human interaction they may have had all day, and for...

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Have You Got the Time?

I’ve discovered that there are everyday moments in life where opportunities to share Jesus present themselves. I see the seemingly random conversations that start...

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Faith Sharing Tip: Help People Discover Jesus for Themselves

Have you ever had one of those zealous people in your life, someone who always seems to want to tell you all the punch...

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Drop the Weight and Play Ball

As followers of Jesus, we have dibs on God’s benefits. (Like the benefits that come with health insurance, but way better.) These benefits allow...

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Faith Sharing Tip: Bring Flavour to Life

Straight after Jesus’ first recorded sermon (the Sermon on the mount), He encourages His followers to be ‘salt’ and ‘light’.

13 “You are the salt...

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