Be a Real Friend

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Having moved around to new places and cities where I didn’t know anyone, I have learned, through experience, that the best way to make new friends, is to be a friend. Everyone has a few basic social needs, whether they are a socialite or a wallflower, whether they are just out of school or about to retire. When you take an interest in people, you will arouse their interest.

People want to be heard, feel needed, loved and feel a sense of acceptance and belonging. The difference between an acquaintance and a friend is how many of these conditions you meet for the other person.

The barista at the café you see every day may feel you need her because she provides a service for you, but unless you listen to her dreams, goals and fears and show understanding and compassion towards her, she will only ever be an acquaintance.

It is the same with social media. Have you ever wondered why Facebook affects so many relationships and why people who have never met in person, travel around the world to get married, simply because of an online friendship? It’s because, through unguarded and candid communication, people have managed to form solid emotional bonds with another.

When we are communicating the love of Jesus to someone online, it is so important to display that love tangibly. We are communicating with lost people and we need to be a genuine friend who listens, loves and accepts.

They aren’t a project; they are a person.

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