Ensure People Know You Care

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It can be really hard sometimes to know how to approach different topics with people you are talking to. There can be so many voices telling us what we should and shouldn’t say and so many different styles and ways to share.

I was talking to two people who are involved in two separate universities. They were saying the conversations that people have about God are very different from city to city, and what people tend to focus on is different.

Be encouraged, you don’t need to be brilliant at hitting the mark with how you frame your conversation. We commissioned a nationwide survey of non-Christians, and overwhelmingly the one thing that stood out in their answers was that people want to see that you live what you talk.

I’m not sure where this saying originated, but it’s a key statement to remember…

“People don’t care how much you know until they know how much you care”.

I know from experience having all the answers is a turnoff. People are interested in engaging in discussion and conversation. Asking questions is always good. Things like; “Why do you think that”?, “Have you ever wondered about…?”, “Can I ask what your thoughts are on?”

Perhaps you could take a minute to ask yourself two questions

1. Does the person I’m chatting with know I care, or am I more concerned about what I say?
2. Am I living what I’m speaking?

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