Faith Sharing Tip: Remember, Jesus is the Point

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We all know we ‘should’ share our faith. There’s a twinge of conscience that comes with words like ‘should’. That twinge whispers to us that if we don’t share Jesus today, we’re somehow not keeping up with God’s expectation.

God’s grace in salvation is an immeasurable gift by which we are eternally indebted, however, what if God doesn’t expect us to attempt to pay back the gift of Salvation? What if we actually can’t receive the gift if we’re also trying to pay it back?

Salvation isn’t an I.O.U. It’s an adoption certificate into God’s family.

Salvation is an initiation to spend the rest of our lives (and then eternity) with Jesus. There are no ‘should’s’, just opportunities to share the joy you already have because of Jesus. Relationship with Jesus is the point. It’s fun, it’s adventurous and delightful. That’s what we’re sharing.

It’s like being adopted by a multi-billionaire. God has the means to provide for all your needs, and your neighbour, and your work friends. There is always room for an extra person at God’s table, and room to join the family.

We don’t share because we must, we share Jesus because we want to. Jesus is the point of our life. Sharing Jesus is natural when our relationship with Him is a natural.

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