Faith Sharing Tip: Spark Curiosity

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The first time I saw someone ‘evangelising’ on a street corner. I was 10 years old waiting at an intersection with my parents, when an older gentleman stood on a milk crate and began to speak at us about sin.

I specifically remember thinking “Oh, that is weird, please stop.” Those around waiting with us, didn’t really pay any attention to him at all. I saw a young couple nudge each other, point and giggle but for the majority of the people within ears reach, he did not spark an ounce of curiosity with his words.

Curiosity can be the catalyst for many people’s faith journey so it is important to ensure we become good at sparking curiosity.

People are more spiritual than we give them credit for, so naturally, they begin to become ripe with intrigue when we live out our faith in a way that isn’t condemning, but real and vulnerable.

Surprisingly, there are stories of people coming to Christ through a message they heard from a man on a milk crate, yet there are many more stories of people coming to faith because they watched with intrigue, a friend or work mate live out their faith.

Culture tells us ‘we are all on a spiritual journey and that all journeys are equally valid.’ While this is partly true (all are on a spiritual journey) as Christians we ought to be able to show the distinctiveness of Jesus and His incredible saving grace through the way we live.

Sharing Jesus is just as much about what we do as it is about what we say, and even more so about how we say it.

Written by Reuben Skewes

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