God is At Work Behind the Scenes – Kay’s Story

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Peace and joy: two words that perfectly describe Kay. From childhood, she’s had a consistent relationship with Jesus. Sometimes the word ‘consistent’ can be associated with ordinary or boring, but that could not be further from the truth when talking about this girl and her life.

Her most recent adventure has involved moving from South Africa to Australia to experience the beautiful beaches and vibrant surfing community. Favourite new hobby — skating. A passionate surfer and a lover of people, Kay’s life is far from boring.

“I grew up in a Christian home so I’ve always been surrounded by parents with a strong faith and they had a huge impact on how I have walked my journey with God. I always went to church and pretty much had the normal story.” — Kay

Revival in Kay’s life has come in the form of trust. Trusting God in the unknown, believing that He will open doors and reveal His purpose for Kay in the right timing. Knowing God is present and interested in her everyday moments.

“I don’t really know what God has in store for me — I haven’t figured it out yet. If you’re going through that unknown stage just keep remembering who’s in control and know that you’re not in control. He knows what’s best for you and wants what’s best for you. You can have that peace and comfort knowing that no matter what happens or where you are that He is working it out even though you can’t see it. He’s working behind the scenes.

It’s not easy and you can get disheartened sometimes when you don’t know what your life is meant to look like, or where you’re meant to be, or what you’re meant to be doing but it’s cool that you can trust God through it all.” — Kay

The daily consistency of placing your trust in Jesus is a liberating experience. We can be the bearers of this good news so that others can experience the same sense of freedom.

“We are here to love on people that have different views and maybe do things differently. By showing them love that’s where they can really see Jesus, love really changes a lot.” — Kay

Kay wants her friends “…to know that they don’t need (partying). Only God will satisfy them.” She believes her role is “encouraging them in that and helping them to find their true identity and peace and joy in Jesus and not in what the world has to offer. People actually feel empty when they go searching for the worldly stuff, they come back empty.”

Kay examples what the Christian life is all about: loving God and loving people.

Each of us can have intimacy with the God who created the universe. That in itself is out of this world; there’s nothing ordinary about that. When we pursue God each day, whether or not we know our purpose, God can use us to share our faith in every situation we find ourselves.

* * *

“But blessed is the one who trusts in the Lord, whose confidence is in him.” — [Jeremiah 17:7]

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