Love Changed Everything — Srikanth’s Story

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Srikanth is not your average guy. His smile lights up any room he walks into and the second he starts talking, it’s another thing altogether. He is sometimes labelled as a college influencer, but there is much more depth to him than that.

Srikanth grew up in a predominantly Hindu home in India. In fact, he thought of Christianity and Jesus as a joke for most of his life. A devout follower of Sai Baba and Ganesha, he was confident no one could convince him otherwise. In his teenage years, he would organise Hindu events and field trips for the people in his neighbourhood.

He found joy in challenging Christians to prove to him that Jesus was indeed real. But this all changed…

A Christian tenant moved into the building that belonged to Srikanth’s family. He remembers this lady persistently sharing about Jesus’ love and grace with him, by constantly offering tea and snacks every time he walked by. The love and compassion that this lady showed really impacted him.

Curious about the ‘love’ she was talking about, Srikanth finally decided to organise a conversation with his neighbour, setting the date for after Ganesha festival he was busy organising and preparing for.

The day before the festival and exhausted by all the preparation, Srikanth decided to take a nap. As he entered his room and locked the door the words “Jesus loves you” began to echo in his head. He tried to push the thought away but instead, an image of Jesus on the cross flashed through his head causing him to burst out in tears. It was there that he experienced, first hand, the overwhelming love of Jesus, the same Jesus that he had mocked and cursed.

Fast forward to today, Srikanth is on fire for Jesus. He now organises Bible study groups on college campuses all around Bangalore. Through these events, he helps people across the city find their meaning and purpose through pursuing Jesus.

The way God is using Srikanth and has transformed his life is truly incredible. He has experienced a complete turnaround, no longer poking fun at Christians but instead spreading the hope and life that Jesus brings.

Written by Joyce Pillai

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