Share Your Easter Story

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Have you ever struggled to share your own testimony? Well, Easter is the perfect time to start! While we all consume copious amounts of chocolate, statistics suggest that as the chocolate intake increases, so does the interest in Christianity. So then, how do we make the most of the season? Simple, share your own story.

When you share your story, you are in fact sharing the Easter story.

The Easter story is the narrative of Jesus’ death on the cross and His resurrection — it is the moment death was conquered and the power of sin was broken. When we share how Jesus has changed our lives, we are revealing the transformational power of Jesus’s death and resurrection.

There is a great example of this in the book of Corinthians. Paul (a man who used to persecute Christians) writes that it is onlybecause of Jesus’ death and resurrection that he has been saved. He has died to his old ways and like Jesus’ resurrection, he has been birthed into this new life. He shares his own story in the context of the Easter story.

Maybe our story isn’t as dramatic as Paul’s, but just like Paul and millions of other Christians, our own stories are a result of the Easter story.

We too can share the power of the Easter story by sharing our own story — here is a simple structure that might help:

1. What your life was like before Jesus.
2. How you met Jesus.
3. What your life is like with Jesus.

Go for it, using these three simple points to frame how you share your testimony.

Remember, when sharing our story, we are ultimately directing people to Jesus. Pray beforehand and ask the Holy Spirit to guide you as you share.

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