Speak Up

1 min read

One of the most common questions Christians ask around sharing their faith is, “How does someone know when to talk about their relationship with Jesus?” Is there a perfect time to bring up the topic? How do you introduce the subject to your friends?

Somehow, we’ve turned our faith into something that doesn’t really get talked about unless we’re ‘sharing’ it. It’s almost as though the only time we can talk about Jesus to people who aren’t Christians is when we have a purpose or a reason to do so.

It’s not wrong to talk about your relationship with God in order to let someone know that they can also know Him, but maybe it would be better to introduce the subject of what you believe in a more relaxed, conversational way.

Allow your faith in God to be present in your conversation even when you’re not necessarily trying to tell someone about Jesus.

If you’re a Christian, talk about it, in everyday conversation! If you were a runner you’d talk to your friends about your running shoes, your training and how you became a runner, even if they weren’t interested in running. Your goal wouldn’t be to make them runners, you’d just be talking about your life. So why not treat your faith in the same way? Do you go to church? Read your Bible? Pray? Talk about it!

Let your friends hear what you believe without any ulterior motives, just as part of who you are.

Written by Donna Burke