Talking When Others Want, Not Just When You Want to — John’s Story

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Are you making yourself available for when the people around you are ready to talk about God, or do you only talk when you are ready?

Here at yesHEis we have conversations with Christians and Non-Christians daily. We encourage Christians to share their faith and encourage non-Christians to come to faith. On numerous occasions, we’ve spoken with Non-Christians who months later come back to us to ask more questions.

A classic example of this is the story of John* — It took him one year to come back and pick up the conversation about God. He messaged us with a question out of the blue…

“Why does the Bible tell us not to murder? Animals kill. We are no different to any other creature — we live, we breed, we die. However, due to our curious intellectual capacity, we are much more efficient.”

After answering his question we mentioned it was great hearing from him as we hadn’t heard from him for a year, his response was…

“Yeah, I happened to come across our conversation as I was reading through past messages, and I dunno… I’ve always felt as if something is missing, like a part of me is not where it should be… it feels more intense now.”

How sweet is that! John is continuing to explore more about God and faith and we are praying that he will come to know Jesus for himself.

People need us as Christian’s to be available to talk to when they are ready, not when we are!

Your greatest ability is your availability. Don’t give up on people, just give them the time when they need it. Why not take a moment today to pray for a friend that doesn’t yet know Jesus.

**Named changed for privacy.*

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