The New Normal — Hungry For Life’s Simple Joys

1 min read

Life has changed and is changing still. While the effects of COVID19 are far-reaching and devastating, many of us have not faced severe health concerns, loss of work or loneliness. Rather, the forced isolation has been a welcomed respite from the fast pace of life, even for extroverts.

Iso life has highlighted the great and not so great, helping us find enjoyable rhythms of rest and recreation. We’ve done less, yet learnt more about ourselves, each other and have been reminded of what truly matters.

As restrictions ease and we face going back to normal, we’re each gifted with the opportunity to rethink what ‘normal’ could be. Could it be slower? Could it be more meaningful?

Could the values we rediscovered in our short term isolation help create long-term pathways to a new & healthy normal?

We have an opportunity to edit the story of our lives. We have the ability to reset aspects of what we did, to realign them with who God says we are and who He wants us to be.

Jesus invites each of us to learn His unforced rhythms of grace. He promised that He wouldn’t lay anything heavy or ill-fitting on us. Rather, a life kept in company with Him is a life lived freely and lightly. That is good news for everyone! That is good news worth embracing and sharing.

As you begin to face a new normal, say no to the pressure to do more, post more and be more. Rather, slow down, trust God and return to healthy, not to normal.

Written by Reuben Skewes