We Get Excited When People Swear at Us

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It’s been another fruitful month of conversations with people that don’t yet know Jesus, exploring faith! A constant reminder to us as a team has been to allow people to talk, and sometimes vent abuse. When people know they are being listened to and valued they opened up to us and we have seen breakthrough in the conversation.

We were laughing the other day about how we get excited when people swear at us; it’s simply another opportunity to turn the conversation around.

We are not sure why Sue* has a negative view of Christians, but her comment to us was: “You’ve proven that not every Christian is hateful. I’m still not interested in religion though.”

Bryan*, was initially argumentative and brash, yet said this, in probably his first prayer: “God, please give me physical evidence of your existence.”

We love giving people a good experience with a Christian, and an opportunity to ask questions about God and faith, where they may have never been given the opportunity before. This simple action has seen many people choose to accept Jesus.

On the other side of the coin, when it comes to inspiring and equipping people to share their faith, the updated yesHEis app has a new and very visible chat feature which continues to have people asking for our help.

We have had a perfect example of this from one of our app users. We get so excited to help bring direction to a genuine question such as this:

“Love this app, love being a Christian, love God, but I need some advice from you guys. If a person says they don’t believe in Jesus, I get so offended of what they say that I start saying all these mean things too. Instead of that, what should I do instead?”

If you have a question for us, why not try the chat feature in your yesHEis app.

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