The Bible

If you want to be able to talk to people about Jesus, it all starts with prayer. This simply means being a Christian, starting with your own  relationship with Jesus. We want to help you in connecting with Him more easily. Why not begin today by delving a bit deeper into His word?

Whether you are new to the Bible or not, reading and studying it doesn't have to be intimidating. Follow a simple 4 step method; Scripture, observation, application, prayer, to help you read, understand, and apply it to your life.


Step 1: Scripture

Choose a verse or passage from your daily reading and write it out in full.


Step 2: Observation

Take note of what you observe about the passage. What’s the “big idea”? Who is speaking? Who is the audience?


Step 3: Application

Write down how this applies to your life right now and ask some reflective questions. Does what I’ve read change the way I perceive God, others, or myself? Are there attitudes I need to adjust? Is there a promise I need to hold on to?


Step 4: Prayer

Take time to talk to God about what you've learned. Ask Him for understanding and help to make the changes you need to make. You will find greater meaning in the Bible when you can apply it to your life.

Read the Bible

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