A Grace Bomb is a surprising act of love motivated by Jesus

You’ve got everyday opportunities to surprise a neighbour in love, and sometimes you just need a little help getting out of your comfort zone.
 A Grace Bomb is a Intentional act of love motivated by Jesus.

Make it a habit. Change your world.

Dive into three steps:


Step 1: Load

Get your Grace Bomb cards & keep them handy – make a decision to carry them around. They go with your gift & point people to a simple message of God’s love for them.


Step 2: Listen

Life is busy, so slow down a little to notice the people around you today & be sensitive to the prompting of the Holy Spirit to do something. Ask god to give you compassion, courage, and curiosity.


Step 3: Let'er go

This is it! Leverage the element of surprise, and hook your neighbour up with a crazy generous gift of your time, money, or expertise. Leave it behind, or get more personal – and leave the result up to Jesus.

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