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What is prayer? How to talk to God? How does prayer work? Is prayer important? Is there a right or wrong way to pray? Why should I pray? and How to pray to Jesus? These are all big questions, and important to ask because prayer is our line of communication to our creator God.

What is prayer?


To be fully known and truly loved is one of the most intimate things in life. God knows you, all of you and He loves you completely inside and out. This is real love. This is the love we all have through Christ.

This is real love | To be fully known

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Did you ever wonder, what is faith, or why do people believe in God? Faith is made up of so many things. There are so many factors and nuances to it. God made so many sacrifices for us and wants us to come to know Him. The history of faith dates back so many years ago. Learn all about the story of faith with this video.

What is faith?


Finding someone who truly knows you, who sticks by you, and truly loves you is a rare thing. Do you know someone like that? You can learn more about the peace that Jesus Christ can bring you today!

PEACE | How can it be found

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Have you ever wondered, what is church? Or why do people go to church? Church is not just a building. It’s a vibrant and dynamic community of people who gather in one place. It’s not made up of perfect people, but rather imperfect people searching for purpose and meaning to their life, just like you. You don’t need to believe to belong, but know that you will fit in, more than you know. Let us show you Church. It could change your life.

What is church?

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Whether we believe it or not, we all worship something. The only question is, what are you worshipping? And is it giving you life, or stealing life from you?

What is worship?


True friends promise to have your back no matter what. They promise to listen and offer advice. Only one has the power to never, ever fail to deliver on that promise. Jesus Christ is the dearest friend you could ever have.

A dear friend never breaks a promise

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Have you ever had that gut feeling that something isn’t right? How often do you listen to those instincts or chose to ignore them? Whether good or bad, these choices can lead our outcomes in life. Oftentimes we talk ourselves out of making choices that seem good and moral, but this intuition might be the God’s voice trying to tell you something. He wants you to listen to His voice, the Holy Spirit, and follow the way to life. Your intuition is more than you think it is.

Your intuition could be God’s voice

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Jesus never leaves us. He is with us in our pain. When you need a lifeline, Jesus is there, ready to listen and to rescue you from drowning. He is in the depths with you. You don’t have to have everything figured out. Whatever you’re going through, He will rescue you.

You Came To My Rescue When I Was Drowning


Love. We all need it, and we’re all searching for it. But love is defined as many things. So, what is love, actually? Jesus’ death on the cross for us, shows us the ultimate love and the ultimate sacrifice. This is the true meaning of love.

The True Meaning Of Love | Cross Equals Love

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When ‘home’ sparks memories of hurt and regret, and ‘sorry’ seems to be the hardest word to say, returning home can be the most difficult thing to do. We feel lost and disconnected. We hope for reconciliation, yet where do we start? But there is another home that we can turn to first. A place of refuge that helps strengthen us in times of trouble or hopelessness. Jesus calls you by name and wants you to turn to Him for strength and guidance. He knows how to heal and restore things that we feel are beyond fixing, and He wants to help you reconcile your relationships. Will you let Him help you?

Come Back Home | Mending Broken Relationships

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Has life gotten in the way of what’s most important? Maybe it’s time to start afresh, return to love, and come back home. The door is always open – forgiveness and restoration are on the other side; No matter what mistakes you’ve made, Jesus will meet you with open arms.

The Way Back Home | Our Mistakes Don’t Define Us

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Have you ever thought about God? It may seem strange to talk to an invisible God, but you should! Even better, it is great to talk about God with friends. You can talk about life’s deepest questions with them and even learn more about God in the process. We all need friends who like to go deep on tough questions. If you don’t have those friends then Greg and Tom are here for you.

Let’s Talk About God | Join Greg & Tom

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What is faith? And when does ‘having faith’ become stupidity? What does the Bible say about faith? Can we see faith? Greg and Tom have a D&M about what’s worth putting our trust in.

What Is Faith? | Greg & Tom Talk About Things You Can’t See

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Life can be messy, and self-fulfillment often falls short. The world loves to tell us how to be different and we strive for it daily, but we are already unique. There is a way to fill up the void. We can find it in Jesus. Will you let Him show you?

Life Can Be Messy | There Is More To Life Than This

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